Tour Itinerary

This year we are hoping to complete a motorcycle circular tour of Europe. Starting in Norway we intend to travel North to the Artic Circle, cross across Sweden take the ferry to Finland and end up in Helsinki. From there we cross into Russia, staying in St Petersburg. Then heading South, we will cross into Latvia and Lithuaniania. Depending on how easy the Russian border is we might cross into Kaliningrad, if not its Poland, Germany and Belgium before returning home.

The bike is being shipped to Oslo as there are no ferries to Scandinavia for tourist traffic, and so I will have to take the bike to Manchester to a shipping agent where it will be crated up and put on a lorry to Norway. We will fly to Oslo via “crap air” sorry Ryan Air and pick the bike up there. The company I am using is:
All in all cheaper in time and money than two ferries.