15th January Suva

We are now in Suva waiting for cyclone Tito to hit. The Fijians are completely unfazed. Quite handy coming back as we have forgotten lots of little things like nail clippers and apparently Rhonda needs some clothes!
Have spent the last couple of days shopping and visiting restaurants. Nice having an air-conditioned bedroom to sleep in. Some of the prices are topsy-turvy a cauliflower costs £3, the same price as a chicken. My haircut was a reasonable £3 and taxis are pretty cheap also. We have spent the time doing course work, learning the fish species, how to be a boat marshall and lots of other similar coral reef topics.
Managed to track down a Italian coffee make the aluminium version, felt a coffee press would be too vulnerable. So my caffeine habit can continue on the island, 3 months of instant coffee is not acceptable.

Saturday night we went to the Grand pacific Hotel, a Victorian edifice on the shore and now very 5*. Afterwards went to the Royal Suva Yacht Club which is identical to all those small rundown yacht clubs you see in the UK. Battered tuna and chips was a little odd though.

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