Island life

Great to finally arrive and start training in Caqalai with the GVI staff and group. Everything is taken very seriously for obvious reasons, its not Zante of Ibiza after all. Caqalai is a tiny island and the facilities are very basic, but its what I expected. Looking forward to getting stuck in.
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11th January 2020

Finally we are off to Fiji. Have said goodbye to the kids after spending a couple of exhausting days in London with Sophie and Allan we are finally off on our travels. Getting a plane fro Gatwick to Hong Kong and then HK to Fiji.

15th January Suva

We are now in Suva waiting for cyclone Tito to hit. The Fijians are completely unfazed. Quite handy coming back as we have forgotten lots of little things like nail clippers and apparently Rhonda needs some clothes!

Back to Calaqai 20th Jan

The cyclone has passed and we are back at Leleuva. The program its back on track. Today we carried on with our studies and did some check dives in shallow water to check basic skills and buoyancy.

Scuba Starts

We have now completed our scuba tests to check our competency level. Rhonda has been boat ladder. The boats are so small that you have to debit and fin over the gunwale. Fortunately they do have a ladder for us OAPs.
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