Well as we sit in our swish hotel suite at Hiroshima Airport Hotel. (Probably the best hotel so far, all for £86, amazing!) It is time to ruminate on a visit to Japan.

It’s probably one of the best holidays we have ever had. The food has been amazing but it has been the little things that have impressed us so much. The politeness is incredible and as for cleanliness they can give the Dutch a run for their money. There are very few little bins people naturally take their rubbish home with them.

The toilets are amazing, I was so tempted at the airport to buy the lid with the built in bidet, and it’s worth going just to experience the thrill of having your bottom washed!! The fact that they are for sale at the airports is testament to how people feel about them.
The majority of people are well dressed and thin, quite the reverse to us. It was also nice to be slightly above average height!

It was quite easy driving in Japan. I found the tolls confusing at first, often they would let you on without a ticket and I had to try and pay without a ticket at the other end. It was only after a week when a ticket man kept saying ETC that we remembered we had ordered an ‘Electronic Travel Card” This plugs into a device and records all your toll trips and you pay the rent a car people at the end. I found the device under the satnav. Luckily I was not charged twice. The traffic is quite light on the expressways, mainly because they are so expensive. Three time the price of French motorways; In 2 weeks I must have spent around £200 on tolls.

Also the weird thing with the satnav is instead of the address you input the phone number, not sure if personal addresses are treated the same way.

All in all great visit and we will definitely go back again. Next month it's Thailand for some scuba.

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