We left Koyasan for Osaka on a Saturday. A day where all the local motorcyclists with a death wish ride the twistys up Mt Koya to fulfil their dreams. I was more scared coming down then them. We are in the Mitsui Garden Hotel, which is rather grand with lots of room and a swish Onsen on the top floor.

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Went out for lunch at the station to a Steak restaurant the prices were ridiculous. The wine prices especially. However the martini was particularly good. Having been up since 5.30 we watched the rugby in the hotel room and crashed out early. Never like to watch rugby when there is a man advantage for most of the match, but we need all the help we can get!

Today we started off with dress up as samurai, which was quite sweet and then went off to view the Umeda Sky Building, which has a viewing platform on the 40
th floor. Very impressive. After lunch in a great “Tonkatsu” restaurant, really cheap and quick. I sure they could have deep-fried a mars bar, we then went to Osaka castle which is a ferrous concrete replica built in 1932, (of course it has been burnt down and destroyed many times), complete with lift and so decided not to go in. Went on a river cruise instead.

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In the evening we took a taxi to the Dotonbori canal district in Osaka. This lane runs along the canal and is stuffed with karaoke bars, eateries and gaming arcades. We also found a fishpond where you could fish for carp. There were some enormous ones in the pond. Pretty disdainful until the fish whisperer: called Rhonda started hand feeding them! We ate in a barbeque skewer bar. But made it home pretty early.

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