Tokyo to Takayama 301km

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We have rented a car from Nippon rent a car and it was pretty straightforward. The first thing we did was hang up the lucky car charm we purchased from a temple. A Japanese "St Christopher". The sat nav works really well, probably because the motorbike sat nav I have been using for the last 10 years is so old. Our journey to Takayama was only 300 km, however after 200 km on an auto express we had to climb the mountains with a speed limit 40 and 50 k/h. Some of the tunnels had to be pre-war. But is was very interesting. There are no container lorries or artics on Japanese roads!! They must unload the containers at the ports and distribute from there. Please tell me if there is another explanation. Foreign cars are also rare. You see the odd Merc and BMW, 1 Range Rover and a Defender but I saw "0" Fiat 500's etc. I did not see a single caravan. I assume because the apartments are so small the caravan would be actually bigger, with flat land at such a premium there is no space to park them. The van size is smaller as well, no transit size vans. I assume their "Gyproc" panels are equally diminished. I did not see any Japanese SUV's, pickups or twin cabs. I expect the 4/4 market is export only, unless they tax them at a punitive rate. Lots of odd Japanese vehicles that don't make it to these shores as well. The motorway was actually quite quiet compared to the UK how they move their fright around is a mystery.
We are staying in a Ryokan in Takayama, a traditional Japanese guest house with an "Onsen" a type of hot/bath/sauna thing. Very nice. It's all very "Shogun"

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