Takayama continued

We went sight seeing today. Takayama is a mountain town, once very isolated. (judging by the roads getting here it still is) Agriculturally poor it had a lot of timber. Its isolation meant it still has original Edo-period streets lined with tiny, shops museums and sake breweries. The pure mountain water runs in covered water courses through every street.

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The guide book said there was a morning market along the river which there was. Quite small selling local produce.

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Takayama also hosts one of Japan's best known festival in the spring and autumn (coinciding with the planting and harvest) huge processional floats are dragged through the city in much the same way as the saints in Spain are paraded through the streets at Easter. The floats are all extremely old and are housed in huge "garages throughout the city. they are each representative of gods, noble men, marionettes etc. What started as simple ceremony 350 years ago became more and more elaborate.

We were fortunate to be in Takayama for their food weekend. A street was full of individual food sellers and other retailers along with music and Japanese dancers. There was a great atmosphere and lots of odd food and sake on display.

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