We left Takayama for Kanazawa through the mountains to a city near the coast. It was through the mountains as well it was a 112 km and I think at least 40 km was through tunnels!. We arrived in Kanazawa to another Ryokan. Less fancy than the first with only 8 rooms but not lots of instruction everywhere. It was vey close to the fish market and as we were early we had lunch there. it was quite small compared to the Tokyo market and obviously a day tripper destination for the local Japanese with tourist buses parked around the corner.

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We went up to the Kanazawa castle, most of it rebuilt after a fire in 1861, I think most of Japan has burn't down at some time or another. It has a large park attached to to and I think there was some kind of charity fund run/relay race going on. It looked exhausting in the heat. The next day we visited theHigashi (Eastern) pleasure quarter. This was one of the most grandest pleasure districts. The Geisha House is still much the same as it was in the 19th century. The other big thing about Kanazawa is gold leaf. It produces 99% of japan's gold leaf and it is everywhere from souvenirs to ice cream coatings. All good for your gut bacteria diversity. The video is me eating a sea urchin.

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