I am using a new blog program in rapid weaver called poster and I do not know how to make the newest post appear first. ( If anyone knows please tell me!!) So I am going to separate the blogs so you do not have to scroll through mountains of stuff to get to the latest post. The Robot Restaurant we went to last night was mental and I will upload a separate page of pictures and videos.
We are now off to pick up our hire car for the next leg of our tour. (Hopefully pick it up)

In Asakusa there is a street called "Hoppy Street" and they make a beer called Hoppy. It's low alcohol 0.8%. You drink most of it and then add sochu, and then top it up with more Hoppy, odd but kind of nice. Shōchū is a Japanese spirit It is typically made from rice,barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, plus some chestnuts, sesame seeds and even carrots. In other words it's moonshine!

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