Asurano Guest House Takayama

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In Takayama the Ryokan we are staying in is a traditional guest house all shoes off and Yukata wearing. The onsen is pretty cool. Went out to eat last night and the first thing I saw was a huge Nissan crew cab 4/4 and in front of that a red Fiat 500!!! We wandered around looking for a restaurant and came across a series of alleys full of bars with tiny eating areas. We chose a BBQ restaurant and had Mackerel and the local Hida beef, a type of Waygu beef. We got a free prawn and apparently you eat it all. Rhonda was not so keen. We made friends with all the other diners and it was a fun evening, although I spoke no Japanese or Taiwanese and their English was limited.
Tried to look up this area of eateries in the guide books and there was zero information I wonder if the restaurants only make it if you pay them.

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