Tsukiji Fish Market

This interesting fellow below belongs in Japanese folk law. When you purchase him he should have blank eyes - you then make a wish /prayer and where this is realised you fill in one eye and make another desire . Once that has been completed then and only then can you fill in the other eye. Go figure!!

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Peter has caught Sophie's cold so I was on my own today at Tsukiji Fish Market. Travelled by Taxi as was not prepared to fight with Tokyo Tube System in rush hour (or any other time). Great guide called Tak and four other travellers. Seeing the market with a guide was really interesting and learnt a lot, although not convinced about their whale ethos. Turning around from our tuna filleting session who was behind me but Allan and Sophie so I departed the group and went with them onwards and upwards. I had had enough sweet omelette and shrimp/octopus fried kebab anyway.

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