Sapporo, Australia v Fiji

Well we finally arrived in Sapporo after a 26 hour journey, 3 planes a train and a taxi later we were in the hotel. Went out the Friday evening to avoid the jet lag and after a few pints and a great Ramen we crashed out at 10pm. Great sleep but struggled to get up the next day for the match. Australia v Fiji. The Fijians battled well but were unable to compete in the Mauls letting the Wallabies come out on top eventually.
Japan is as expected. wacky, unexpected, manic at times and also frankly odd to us sometimes.
The Ramens are fantastic here. We went down "Ramen Alley" for food and once you got over having to pay into a machine to order your food it was great. In Japanese it's a bit like a lucky dip to what you get!
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