Sapporo and Tokyo

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We have now left Sapporo and have arrived in Tokyo. Airport was chaos, incoming typhoon apparently. 2 hours checking bag in.
Sapporo was excellent. The Ramen was great and we also went to a lamb BBQ place, apparently they are another foodie item particular to Sapporo. They were actually cooking Suffolk lamb. I followed the lamb with some tripe. A bit like crunchy squid. Enjoyed the England game. The queues for the food and drink were ridiculous. Heineken are the main sponsors and the lager is supplied as a can which they individually pour. Because of this they are now allowing food to be brought in. But obviously not drink.

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Kazuo, our Japanese friend met us at the station in Tokyo and guided us to our hotel, which was very nice of him as negotiating a city's train and underground system isn't easy at first. We are staying in a little trendy hotel called the "Wired Hotel" not sure why. It's situated in the Asakusa area. A warren of restaurants and shrines. Quite an old part of the town. We went to the restaurant closest to the hotel called the "Yonekyu Honten", almost a 150 years old. When it started it was trailblazer as one of the first meat restaurants. Eating meat was only allowed from 1872. We had the traditional Sukiyaki dish a kind of hotpot you cook yourself. It isn't easy getting off those tatami mats at the end of an evening.
Rhonda did not have much of a birthday, being in transit but Sophie and Fergus gave gifts and cards, which Rhonda appreciated