Asakusa Continued

The temple complex in Asakusa is roughly a mile square, pedestrianised with the temples in the middle. The Sensoji temple and the Demboin temple. Surrounding the temples are a grid of shops and restaurants. It's a very touristy place but very nice. You can pay 100 yen and shake a box for fortune, extract a stick with a number and from a drawer with the same number pull out whether you will have good and bad fortune. You can also hire traditional dress and you see lots of woman dressed if full regalia. all good fun.

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You can see Rhonda shaking that box only to get a bad fortune which you then have to tie up so it fthe bad luck falls out. Weird I know. I got good fortune!

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Last night we went out to a restaurant. Had not a clue what to expect. The meal was cooked on a hot plate,some diners cooking their own meal. I googled it on returning to the hotel. There are roughly 30 types of Japanese restaurants and this was an Okonomiyaki restaurant. This evolved form the cooking of leftovers in a pancake batter resulting in a crunchy pancake. You can pick and choose your ingredients. Monjayaki is a Tokyo version using a thinner pancake mix.