Helsinki to St Petersburg 240miles

Reaching St Petersburg was quick and easy. The border crossing was the usual bureaucracy. On a motorbike we were summoned to overtake the queue. If I could have been quicker if I had filled in the customs form correctly. The road to St Petersburg was good, however as it was single carriageway the lorries


drove half in the hard shoulder to let vehicles overtake. Reminded me of Mexico. Some cars were doing ridiculous speeds I was undertaken by a merc doing at least 120 mph. The traffic in St Petersburg was grid locked, but sally sat nav got us to the correct destination. Have not seen a single foreign plated vehicle yet. The bikers all wave but a lot of stony faced stares from the car drivers. Hotel is basically a converted apartment. Huge with a bath and a piano, guess the hassle in getting it down the stairs made it easier to leave it behind. It’s the Hermitage today and more sight seeing.