Berlin to Hannover 180 miles

Had a nice couple of nights in Berlin. Toured the old Jewish Quarter. All very smart now, although still very sad. Lots of old factories with multiple courtyards have been turned into very trendy shopping areas. Went on a river cruise in the afternoon.


You know when you are in old East Berlin by the bullet holes still present on the older buildings and bridges. In the evening watched Germany play Sweden by the Brandenburg gate. The equivalent of watching England play in Trafalgar Square.

Bullet Holes

Berlin is relatively a small city and it benefits by this fact.

Germany v Sweden

Took the bike out of the garage, going around the barrier to avoid a €80 parking charge, only to find we had a puncture in the rear wheel, managed to plug it, but there is always some negative feeling riding a bike on the Autobahn with a plugged tyre. Made it to Hanover, lots of rain showers and wind. Hanover has a huge VW plant making T series vans and Amroks. Centre is very smart, but to tired to do any sights. Arnhem tomorrow, must see the bridge, unless it to far.