Gdansk to Szczecin 225 miles

Another long day. Had a walk around Gdansk in the morning. Really hot at 8.00 am. Gdansk's really beautiful and in really good condition with excellent roads and buildings. The harbour side in Gdansk was being renovated, there were some old buildings as well as the rebuilt faux ones destroyed in the war.

Market sq Gdansk

Our ride today was horrendous. As we headed north to the Baltic coast the temperature was 29 C. Turning west we had gale force winds. When you see wind turbines you know its going to be windy. Turning south we had a respite from the wind, but it decided to chuck it down with rain for the last 100 miles. The temperature dropped to 12 C. More road works, so in all it took about 6 hours. Got into Szczecin soaking wet. Szczecin was originally German with a population of 300,000. Like Kaliningrad all the germans were moved out and the border moved so it became part of Poland. The population dropped to 26,000 in 1945. It has now grown to 400,000.